Sunday, December 9, 2012

The Citadel

The past few months have been a little slow in the armory.
I haven't shot an IDPA match since July, and really haven't been to the range since then either; save for a few sporadic twenty minute trips here and there.

In August, I acquired a Glock 23.  It was used, but not heavily.  The price was right, too.
It was very light and plenty accurate for a carry gun.  But it was really thick.  For summer time carry in Houston, that can pose a problem.  I typically wear little more than a t-shirt, and the Glock would poke out and print considerably.

So, I traded it for a Citadel 1911.  Here it is the day I picked it up.

Not a bad little pistol.

I took it to the range the next day to see what it could do.
I had mixed emotions.  I had several failures, and they were all failure to return to full battery.
It also shoots a bit high and to the left.  The accompanying targets show the groups I shot from twelve yards....
The target on top was shot with my Taurus PT1911DT at the same distance.  This problem is 
easily reconciled.  Just need to purchase a new front sight.  The sights on it now are standard black sights and are very hard to see.  They need to be changed anyway. 

The pistol is a bit heavy, but it carries well.  It stays tight to the body and doesn't move in my Don Hume holster.  I also discovered that the recoil spring wasn't the OEM strength, so I replaced it with a proper spring.  Feeding seems more reliable now, but I haven't had a chance to get it back out to the range to make sure.  

Until the sights are ordered, I added the old standby of skateboard tape to the front grip.  I also found an old magazine well, and added it as well.  It will stay as simple as possible.  It's a carry gun after all.  As of now, it looks like this:
This is truly not a bad carry option.  The price is right (I gave $400).  And it functions quite well.  After replacing the recoil spring, I am able to cycle rounds by hand without any problems.  The trigger feels very smooth.... I would estimate the break at approximately 4lbs.  Reset is very nice, too.  The only knock I have on it is the sights.  They are really hard to acquire.... But black on black sights may do it for some.  I prefer fiber optics in front, so I'm halfway there.  Another benefit is that it receives ant standard 1911 mag.  So, while it came with two seven round mags, the aftermarket Chip McCormick mags work well also.  All in all, it works very well for my needs.  

If you're in the market for a decent carry weapon and you aren't among the pretentious crowd, take a peek at the Citadel.  True, it's not a $3,000 1911..... And that's probably the best part.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Coming Soon....

Always a nice title.

This blog is mostly a spot in cyber space that is neglected.  I will do my best to keep it updated more frequently.

In the coming months, I will be reviewing at least one new pistol.  I will also be giving a synopsis on my first 3gun match, as well as more reports on various matches in the Houston area.

The past couple of months have seen me being fortunate enough to introduce several new shooters to IDPA.  I have acquired a couple of new firearms and sold a few.  My collection has dwindled somewhat, but it has also improved in quality as it has diminished. Overall, it is still quite nice.

So, look for a new feel to this spot on the web.  More videos, more in depth reviews, and more sharing about the shooting sports and firearm ownership in general.

Thanks for hanging out.
More to come.